Tuesday, January 22, 2008

my blogging experience

I started blogging in July 2004 after coming home from ten days in Venezuela and deciding, finally, to get a divorce. I started with a secret blog, cryptically titled on LiveJournal. After a few weeks I realized I had a lot to say and a lot of people to say things to (being the youngest of six!) and began my blogger blog, Reverse Brain Drain. This became my daily and or weekly outlet. I had been a girl who lived her life on pieces of paper for so long. Scribbled notes and dog-eared journals and someone who loves pens. Here was a neat and tidy space for me to write. Madeleine L'Engle, who was a friend of my older sister, gave me this advice when asked how to be a better writer. "Write every day." Blogging became a saving discipline. I survived my divorce and began blogging in earnest.

From Reverse Brain Drain, I moved to Typepad (the now-defunct Brusselleans), and finally Wordpress (Amity, etc). I also updated Algo Delicioso and Spanglish for a long time, but finally morphed everything into one site at Amity, etc.

So it's been a few years since I started this blogging habit. My main blog earns me money with BlogHer ads. It's not a lot, but I am the type to have multiple streams of income and this is the ideal way to do it. My other habit is photography and my photo sites are found on Flickr and the Center for Fine Art Photography.

Oh yeah! I have a site for school and my students for the past few years have developed their own blogs for my classes.


FatBodyGuitar said...

HI Amity, you are making us amatures look bad !!.......hahaha

TexasTheresa said...

WOW! What a blogging career! And what a role model for the benefits of blogging. Thank you for sharing.


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