Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


In a few short weeks we'll be leaving Dixfield at 1 am and arriving in the DR around 2 in the students are already counting the days, minutes, and seconds until we land.

The benevolence promos are below. I was so pleased with how the videos came out overall. The donations are starting to come in. What a lucky lucky year--to travel with these kids and get to see what we will see.

The Ning has been essential to keeping the 27 people and their families connected and informed. It has gone from being very me-driven to participant-driven. It has taken a lovely shape of its own, beyond what I envisioned when I designed it. It's a Ning thing, now. And I happy about that!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

feliz cumple a los gemelos

feliz cumpe a los gemelos, originally uploaded by Amity Beane.

A very special birthday was held last Friday. First time I have had twins on their special day. We celebrated with a massive game of Taboo and breakfast muffins.

Friday, March 5, 2010

FLAME 2010

Session 1

Keep talking: L2 activities in the classroom presented by Gisela Hoecherk-Aden and Shelley Chasse-Johndro.

Session opened with the caveat that the technology was not working. Opening question: how do we know when we are fluent??

Lots of feedback.

Use phrases that empower and have them around the classroom. *That's my word wall!!*

Culturally appropriate body language

Formal/informal language

This session was also for ESL. Hard to hear presenters. Due to a canceled session the room was full and some women had no place to sit. In the DR all the men would have stood and given their seat. I count four men in seats and 10 women standing. AI AI AI.....

Session 2

Vocabulary and Grammar Review Games by Tad Williams and Amber Burks

Opened the session with a nice chime! I liked the zen sound that got our attention. Way better than a "grito".

Games motivate!
Disguise grammar with games
Competition encourages participation

(note--bulleted slides drive me berserk--talk to us--)

Body and brain need to both be active--get up and out of seats, interact

She is going to show us a ton of games! Cool!!

Zut--Ai Caramba


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