Monday, April 28, 2008

blogging my journey module 5

How do I assess student learning?

Mostly I assess students' writing when I assess learning. Through the draft process students can refine their ideas and make sense of whatever topic we are discussing. I need to assess more speaking activities but need to come up with a good method of recording voices before I delve farther into that. Assessing speaking is very time consuming and allows me to work with only one student at a time. If I could get the students to record their voices and post their recordings things would probably go a lot smoother.

How do I involve students in the assessment process?

I think it is really important to share the learning goals up front with students and also to share rubrics and checklists from the start. Reviewing rubrics and checklists continually throughout a project or unit helps students to see where they are at. In the past I have had students help me create rubrics for projects and I would like to start doing that again-asking the question: What would make this exemplary? Students are capable of determining excellence, it is just that we so rarely ask them to think about what makes something excellent.

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