Monday, September 15, 2008

words of wisdom

A wise woman once told me to develop negatives into positive, like a picture. Makes perfect sense to me, so here are the positives!

My students like to go outside and play!

My students eat a lot of healthy food.

My students design things daily. Each class is developing a dynamic that is, for the most part, focused on my agenda of creating, designing, sharing, moving, growing, cooking, etc. with the ultimate goal of being in Spanish.

My students love music!

My students create things daily.


Thinking about the design of my room. What if there were less computers and more collaborative work. I think I would reduce wasted "net time" if students were forced to prioritize the use of the machine.

Also, less table work. Floor work is good. I want beanbag chairs!

Setting the projector up in the middle of the room and projecting onto the southern wall is a very good way to show films. I can also use that space to project maps that we can trace as a class. Tomorrow I'll move those machines out.

I'm loving thinking about French and thinking in French as of today.

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