Friday, February 20, 2009

what does your budget say about you?

Budgets were due way back, and mine looked thus: 10 Flip Cameras, please. Bean bag chairs, please. Enough construction paper and Sharpies to last a year, please. And that was it!

Storyboards, a comfortable place to work, a tool to work with. If I get my wish next year will be the year of the student film.

I don't teach film-making, I teach language. But Marco Torres inspires me to give voice and image to children. They are amazing creators. They are motivated by creative projects. And I truly believe that the process of re-playing the tape helps students see where they made minor errors, and allows them to adjust. Not to mention the Four P's (plan, produce, present, pheedback) seem to translate and spill over into every content area.

I want to enter some Spanish student film competitions...I just know that with the tools, guidance, and constructionist atmosphere that some amazing stuff will happen, just like it did this year.

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