Wednesday, June 3, 2009

outta nowhere

It just happened.

I was walking down the main hallway when two seniors came out of the ladies' and walked down the hall toward me. They were in caps and gowns, and I smiled and started clapping, and they started dancing towards me, huge smiles. They danced out the door and to the gym to practice marching.

All of a sudden, my chest tightened, and tears came out! I started crying. Those two girls have worked so hard to get to this point. They have had challenges other teens will not face until they are well into their twenties and thirties....They have had to grow up sooner than others and work harder than others to just cross this finish line.

I felt such pride for them and such love for them, that teacher love of launching, even though I didn't launch them, but just cheered them on all year, as they worked in their little round room. The tears rolled, I had my moment, and life went on.


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The Buck Shoots Here said...

A day of moments in a week filled with them.

Thanks for all your support of all my sunshines. It takes a village, and I'm glad you're part of mine.


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