Thursday, July 9, 2009

es oficial

I've been working on the Dominican Republic trip. This is one organized and led by myself, and the other trip principal is assistant principal. He and his wife (who is going as well) have worked overseas and done service trips many times. Between the three of us, we have the experience to do the trip, and I am pleased to say that twenty five others will accompany us!

This begins my second trip as a school leader. I love to plan trips, that is for sure.

We'll be traveling to Punta Rucía first, for three days. It's a pretty small town, and has a manatee refuge nearby. It'll be a jumping-off point for our marine biology focus....we are on an island, after all...and we'll spend the day on a small cayo, or island. This part of the trip will be camping with the ocean in the front yard, and with Profe's house in back of us, a shelter if need be, and also our home base in Punta Rucia.

Punta Rucia is not on the map above....but it is west of Puerto Plata and Luperon. Luperon is where Damalbi is from, and I love that little town, with the little square and fruit vendors, and a pristine harbor full of yachts and people of leisure. I stayed in town, under a mosquito net, with buckets for a shower, ¡muchas gracias!

This is this paradise: someplace unspoilt, yet maintained by the wealthy, the spoiled.

Then it is off to the stay in the dorms, go to college for a day, and work with kids where we can find them. A school, a youth center, an orphanage. Who knows who we will meet?

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