Saturday, October 31, 2009

what's new this year

Well, wikis are over. Out. Boring.

Weel, I still use them. As data storage. And link-mania. But not for learning.

Learning is happening on a ning.

I have two (both private networks). One is called Dirigo Spanish. So far I only have the sophomores on there with 7 process observers, all teachers of Spanish or something else, and some native speakers. Cool. 40 people total on this network. I have not introduce chat but the platform language is in Spanish--amazing how fast these fifteen year olds are navigating, making meaning in this new place.

The other is Dirigo Photo. This has 36 people. This is a very creative ning. It is photo-heavy. It is beautiful to see the creative side of these kids. I am teaching design as well as writing as well as composition. Loving it. Kids are too.



Oh, and I have RULES for the ning. Don't just go sign students up to one--let me tell you what to expect, first!

Maybe that is next post...

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Meg said...

Ning is blocked by our server. Fun, huh?


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