Friday, March 5, 2010

FLAME 2010

Session 1

Keep talking: L2 activities in the classroom presented by Gisela Hoecherk-Aden and Shelley Chasse-Johndro.

Session opened with the caveat that the technology was not working. Opening question: how do we know when we are fluent??

Lots of feedback.

Use phrases that empower and have them around the classroom. *That's my word wall!!*

Culturally appropriate body language

Formal/informal language

This session was also for ESL. Hard to hear presenters. Due to a canceled session the room was full and some women had no place to sit. In the DR all the men would have stood and given their seat. I count four men in seats and 10 women standing. AI AI AI.....

Session 2

Vocabulary and Grammar Review Games by Tad Williams and Amber Burks

Opened the session with a nice chime! I liked the zen sound that got our attention. Way better than a "grito".

Games motivate!
Disguise grammar with games
Competition encourages participation

(note--bulleted slides drive me berserk--talk to us--)

Body and brain need to both be active--get up and out of seats, interact

She is going to show us a ton of games! Cool!!

Zut--Ai Caramba

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