Sunday, November 14, 2010


This year my super colleague and I have the great privilege of attending the best conference available in our content area, as it is coming to Boston. I've never been to this conference, which is hosted by ACTFL. When we attend I hope to be able to blog all about it, but we'll see. I am not sure how I feel about this laptop and traveling. I need something smaller, easier, less conspicuous. Ok I will just say it. I need something like the NEW Macbook Air.

Anyway...stay tuned for more on ACTFL. I am yearning for a t-shirt that says "Yo hablo español. Yo uso Recursos Abiertos Educativos. I speak English. I use Open Educational Resources."

Maybe I will just have to make it.

The sharing of OERs is very exciting, but the overwhelming unknowns of the conference prevent me from planning much more to say at ACTFL. The fact we are commuting down from Maine and back in a day, and attending a swank cocktail reception, all while schlepping oodles of stuff in high heels, leaves me worried already that it will all be very tiring and not as fun as say, a conference in sneakers with rolling duffels to carry our loot. We can't look like shoppers at Black Friday. We have to look like teachers, teachers in the big city!


Unknown said...

can't wait to see you there!!

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