Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A favorite edublogger: Will Richardson

Will Richardson. Weblogg-ed.

When will we get to the point where enough people feel dissatisfied with the whole school thing and want change badly enough to rise up and say “That’s it! We’re not going to do this anymore!” I know there’s a slim chance that our collective sense of dissatisfaction with the status quo around education will ever match the passion of those people in the streets of Cairo today. But I’m beginning to wonder if there may not be an untapped feeling of frustration around schools that those bigger voices are just not getting. That’s it’s not about improving the current system but, instead, creating a different, better path for our kids. But I also sense that while many people may feel this discomfort, they don’t quite yet know what to do with it.

He's speaking my language.    I've read him for years.  I share practically every post.  He's got it together.  I feel inspired to do something....more to come on that one.

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Will Richardson said...

Looking forward to your ideas...we need lots of voices in this conversation. Thanks for reading!


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