Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rachel Carson. Fifty years of Silent Spring.

Rachel Carson has been on my mind a lot lately. CMBG has a wonderful exhibit going on, it's visually lovely and has very interesting artifacts.  I created the Sense of Wonder walk for k-6 graders that goes through a fairly wild little hillside that drops down to the river with a flourish of cedar and pine.

Rachel is central to my work at the moment. She wanted people to be in a relationship with their environment. She wanted things to remain fresh and lovely.

I kind of want a bracelet that says WWRCD. What would Rachel Carson do.

Click in to see information on a great contest!

  Attention seventh graders in Maine: Silent Spring Essay Contest

The year 2012 marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of Rachel
Carson's revolutionary work, Silent Spring. In celebration of this momentous
occasion, the Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve (Wells Reserve at
Laudholm) and Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) are partnering to
offer a statewide environmental essay contest for seventh grade students in

Seventh grade student essay contest applicants, please choose one of these
three quotes from Rachel Carson's Silent Spring and explain what it means to

Quote 1: "By acquiescing in an act that can cause such suffering to a living
creature, who among us is not diminished as a human being?"

Quote 2: "Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of
strength that will endure as long as life lasts."

Quote 3: "In nature, nothing exists alone."

Requirements: Times New Roman 12 pt font, 400-600 words, double-spaced, with
name and page number on each page. On the title page, please include your
name, address, phone number, email, school name, and school phone number, in
addition to your essay title. Please specify which quote you are responding
to. Wells Reserve at Laudholm and Rachel Carson NWR reserve the right to
publicize submissions on their websites and other outreach materials.

Scoring: Essays will be judged by the Wells Reserve at Laudholm Education
Advisory Committee, using a point scale based on the following criteria:
creativity, heart, style, punctuation/spelling, and clarity. Remember, your
essay must consist of your own thoughts and words.


Grand prize: iPad

First place: Digital camera

Second place: Binoculars

Third place: Gift certificate to a local bookstore

All winning students will also receive a hard cover copy of Silent Spring.
Prizes will be presented to the winners at their schools by the Wells
Reserve at Laudholm and Rachel Carson NWR education staff members.

Deadline: December 1, 2012. Winners will be notified by December 14, 2012.

Submission: Please email essays to Suzanne Kahn Eder at

Suzanne Kahn Eder

Education Director

Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve

(207) 646-1555 x 116


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