Friday, March 14, 2008

blogging my journey module 2

How can curriculum-framing questions help support my students' learning?

Curriculum-framing questions help support my students' learning essentially because they ask my students to think in a big picture way. From the big picture, students are allowed and encouraged to make meaning. My questions are used to guide them on their journey and the questions also serve as a framework that students can continually check themselves against.

How can I plan on-going student-centered assessment?

By far the best tool I have learned to use in student-centered assessment is the almighty blog. It serves as one-stop shopping for a peek into my students' brains. Right off the bat, the personality and individuality of each student is encouraged in the creation of the blog. This type of ownership is priceless. It is also very easy to "blog" the homework, "blog" a reaction, "blog" the research, "blog" the results, etc. etc. I plan on using blogs with this unit, not just as a catch-all, but as an authentic, creative document.

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