Sunday, March 30, 2008

Blogging my journey module 3

How can I use the Internet to support my teaching and students' learning?

This seems an easy question. The Internet overflows with resources on everything. I need to teach my students discernment when choosing their resources. If a resource does not appear to exist on-line, why not? Can we create a new resource? The Internet as knowledge and database is what my students expect and believe, anyway. It's their way, their generation. MY goal for them is to add to it things of knowledge and beauty and benefit to others!

How can I ensure responsible and appropriate use of the Internet?

In order to really monitor student usage for my class, I have to be vigilant about checking their progress and their work. When I use the computers in my rooms, I'll often rearrange the desks into a circle so that I can circle easily around the room and check screens. I also add all my students blogs to Google reader, so as soon as something is posted, I can see what is up. I have yet to subscribe to comments on blogs, but if I see comments on student blogs I do check them. For me the most important thing is to be aware of the time being used while online and to frequently check and report back to students about their blogs.

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