Friday, June 20, 2008

Issues due 7/30

Each person is responsible for a maximum of a ten minute segment (combined any way you want to in your group.) The time will include the sharing of factual information and the facilitation of a whole group discussion on June 30. You will also be responsible for documenting and enriching your discussion with a wikispace, including an annotated bibliography, to be posted by June 30. You must situate your discussion by drawing on course content, readings, and your own library and internet research.

You will include the history, underlying philosophy, and the various ethical points of view regarding your issue.

I chose distance and on-line learning for my issue. I will discuss the history of such education, the technologies and methodologies used in instruction, current trends, and research that compares and contrasts this type of teaching with more traditional class structures. I am a proponent of distance education, because I come from a rural background and was homeschooled until the fifth grade, I experienced at an early age the benefits of distance education when other options simply were not feasible. In this presentation I will also share negative perspectives in an effort to present an obective study of the issue.

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