Thursday, April 30, 2009


Today teamed up with colleagues and administration to train on iWalkthrough, a data-collection technique done with iTouches to record a variety of observable happenings in classes. It was a great training, and I learned a lot about my perceptions of the value of teaching to the top of Bloom's. I learned, for example, that scaffolding is often at the lower end of the hierarchy, and that is necessary, and okay! I also learned, and this was sort of like, DUH, but I learned that (personally) downtime in a classroom is OKAY. You know? 80 minutes is a long time to be on.

Great quote from last year comes to mind. "Kids might not remember what you say, but they remember how you make them feel." As I learn to collect this date, and infer what it means, I think I will learn a lot about different styles of teaching and learning.

In other news, we got the May calendars today. May calendars are always jam-packed full of stuff. And May just leads to June, and graduation, and the end of the year. I love this time of year, not because of a desire to countdown, but because life is full of promise and kids are full of ideas and energy. Channeling all that is the task at hand. I am trying.

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