Monday, May 4, 2009

highlight of today

Early in the year I launched a campaign to inform students of how to eat healthier foods and to connect them with the foods they eat. We drew a huge map and we color in the origins of our fruit that we eat regularly. I did cooking units with two classes. There has been discussion throughout the year about healthy food.

Today got to the heart of the matter. In passing last week had mentioned composting. One of my seniors lit up like a 100 watt bulb. "We did that at my summer job!" Today at lunch she found me and asked me to guide her in crafting a proposal to implement a composting program at our school.

Uh, YES. YESSSSS. Yes I will help. The power of student-led change is amazing. Her enthusiasm was contagious. "I want to leave a legacy," she said. "I want to start something that is good for everyone."

Something that is good for everyone. Today is one of those days I love my job.

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