Friday, May 15, 2009

so very close!

I have a few remaining reading assignments to blog about and I am done with year one of graduate school. And man, it feel so good.

Last night, instead of looking at a stack of books and papers and my laptop, I actually:

1. Cooked my favorite comfort food
2. Did laundry
3. Started sorting my desk--which looks like a library threw up on it
4. Sorted recyclables
5. Started reading for pleasure! "The Farming of Bones" by Edwidge Danticat.

For the first time in 11 months, I felt "ama de casa"-ish, which is a way of saying house-wife-ey. As in, I walked into my home and saw it with fresh eyes and I actually had the desire to make it homey.

Grad school has definitely consumed me for the past year. Taking the summer off is sort of like...holy time......

It feels good.

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