Wednesday, January 13, 2010

am I nuts?

This semester of grad school was supposed to be an "off" term. Then I thought about it and decided to try my hand at an independent study. I want to study how we document learning as teachers and students using Web 2.0. It's quite a topic to tackle and I chose it, in large part, due to my trip in April and how I am communicating with the teachers and students involved in going, serving, learning, and sharing. My proposal for the ind. study is in process--I keep putting it off behind grading and more grading--but stay tuned for more details as the process unfolds.

Here's the part I am working on now:


Establish a need for this study. What are the professional issues that warrant independent study? Why is this a more appropriate activity than an existing graduate course?


Describe the broad focus of the study. What is the purpose?


Use specific, declarative statements to indicate the expected accomplishments of the student. They should address knowledge, skills, and dispositions.

Alignment with Self-Designed Concentration

Explain how each objective is linked to the student’s self-designed concentration or to the student’s professional development.

Learning Outcomes

Describe the activities, assignments, and projects that, upon completion, will demonstrate to the instructor and to the student that the objectives were achieved.

Provide general strategies of how the student will be graded on the outcomes.

Reading and other Media Sources

Include a list of possible required and suggested readings, multi-media sources, urls, and software.


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