Tuesday, July 6, 2010

summer class

For the first time in a long time I am taking an on-line course. Long ago, learned that my social learning style did not go well with pure on-line coursework. I can't just read and comment! I need real live people to argue with!

Well, this class has promise as it will use Adobe connect to meet 4 times. I had never used Adobe connect before the OER project. The first time I used it, it felt so awkward. After three meetings I felt very comfortable. It is a good example of learning something because it is part of a way of doing things, not learning something just because. My motivation was high, and now that I know the app and am going to use it in another professional venue, I am very happy!!

My next major goal: Tandberg! We own the equipment and I designed a unit a few years ago that requires Tandberg between buildings in the region. Maybe it will happen this year? Maybe not? We'll see.

Back to the online class. It is called Technology as a Change Agent. I will post the sources for reading on the right when I can. This course looks right up my alley as it asks all kinds of great questions about technology in school--who controls, manages, etc. the technology. I think I will learn a lot about the structure of tech at my school and also how to move in a direction with it that makes sense for my learners. We are lucky (we meaning my colleague Mary and I) because in our content area (World Languages) there is so much available to assist learning.

So, back to school for a month. Online, not too bad. My two projects are full swing, OER and grad class. After this class only three left and I have a master's degree with a research focus. My research is in progress right now and I could not be happier about it--researching OER's has been a lot of organizational WORK but now that I am into it, it feels great knowing it will work toward my degree.

So, now on to read some text books and make some notes....

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