Wednesday, August 13, 2008

summer tech '08

Tax dollars at work! The Summer Tech Institute '08 is a four day professional development event. I'm lovin' it!

First I learned how to make a movie (youtube link coming soon). Then I learned how to make a podcast.

Today I worked on the MSAD21 wiki and collaborated with 6 other DHS staff members--it was so much fun to all hang out and work together. I spent a LOT of time over at Vicki's wikis--learning how she sets things up and making things work for my scenario. I spent a good chunk of time on Google Calendars, and embedded one for each class! (I love how the language can be changed to Spanish--so immersive!)

My grad class in the fall will be filmed and I've been asked to help with that--should be fun to edit.

It's hard to believe school is almost here...I am very excited about the new school year and all the great things that will happen!!

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