Thursday, August 14, 2008


Tech Institute '08 was GREAT. My mind is really churning and the focus is so good for me. I worked on the Exploration wiki (sorry, it's for my advisees and is closed!) today as well as update the Hall of Fame on the MSAD21 Spanish wiki. I created the Tools page and organized the Projects page. I also wrote out the first week plan for the incoming freshmen and made a slide show using 280 Slides. It worked--not that snazzy of themes but it worked.

Still need to create student work links for this year. I also need to email the Alitas participants...but something tells me everyone is quite busy and waiting a few weeks is fine. There is no rush, as we have nine months to do some sort of distance collaboration. Other to-do's include writing out the Spanish 4 beginning unit on screencasting using Jing. They'll make the tutorials in Spanish for all of the applications we'll be using this year. I know, brilz.

At some point I need to find the really old photojournalism websites made at Woodland High. That was a very creative group and I want to include some of the work in the Hall of Fame. It makes for a great student sample.

What else, ¿que más? The Tech Institute was GREAT. I loved working in a room with smart, funny, real committed co-workers. We all chose to be in that space together, to work together. Choosing that is very powerful. There was so much collective knowledge in the room that everyone worked super-efficiently. And we played GOOD MUSIC and laughed at jokes and just goofed with each other, playful like kids. It was nice.

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