Thursday, August 21, 2008


Check the Alitas Collaboration Wiki for the most recent updates.

Soon, I'll be updating the Grad School Wiki.

My MSAD21 Wiki is gaining weight, depth, breadth.

The Exploration project was approved by the department head.

I'm officially a mentor as of yesterday--I'm teamed with the new French teacher. We worked on curriculum during our first session. Yay, Maine Learning Results.

My friend J. from Panama/E. Dixfield was approved to volunteer ever Wednesday in my classroom.

The computers will be imaged tonight and powered up.

The classroom configuration is complete...will post pics soon.

I'm proposing parent education nights for tech....the tech director liked the idea! Now to make tutorials....will have my students do it.

Ordered the first trial run of food for the class: one crate apples, one crate oranges, trail mix, and peanut butter. Now need to figure out the water--I want a cooler in my room. Also need a fridge.

(Food is BIG in my both my cultures...yankee and latin.)

Having a great day prepping for school and the summer bash we are throwing...the end-of-summer bash.

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