Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Backward Design--Collaboration Check

This a.m. finally connected with my colleague who is co-designing the unit for next fall. We virtually conferenced using FirstClass chatting. I sent him the links to the integrated unit planner, stage 1, and stage 2.

Turns out he didn't need to look at stage 2. He helped by explaining the vocabulary necessary to understand the standards of his content area.

The unit I have developed with his assistance pairs my high school Spanish students with his elementary students to learn new skills (physical skills) through a cultural lens (Spanish-speaking countries).

In a related nore...My colleague in Santiago proposed a wonderful service project for next year's trip to the DR. Check out the proposal so far. I have images to go along with the proposal, thanks to my student helper Jill. Gracias Jillybean!

The proposal? Team Dirigo kids with Dominican kids in a week long judo school....

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