Monday, March 23, 2009

fab collab

Session 2 of meeting with my colleague. The student sample is due next week. Based on his input I will make a movie that shows the equipment, uniform, safety, and basic skills of a physical activity. The example we discussed was snowboarding. He gave the framework for the storyboard when he explained how he would teach it. He also drew on the board which helped me visualize that kids can use maps of plays, and moves, to help illustrate their activity.

I am still looking for a good model video and it must be out there. Unless...I am the one to make it. Being an idealist can sometimes be time-consuming.

I was wicked stressed about the video part for a week. One computer is in the shop. This one I am on now has Windows Movie Maker. It is easy to use. I shot a video blog tonight and am figuring it out. So now I am not so stressed. I have a storyboard, and I talked to an expert. He's going to help me with the actual day, too--by letting me take over the gym. This makes me feel much better. He also agreed to use the Tandberg unit to have conversations throughout the year.

So, all in all, a great meeting. Looking at my notes, I have everything I need now to make a student sample. It will be on snowboarding. That is the activity I am going to model.

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