Friday, March 13, 2009

blogging FLAME

Today is FLAME in Portland. Foreign Language Association of Maine. A rather unfortunate moniker...foreign is not my favorite word.

First session: the sins of slide shows are evident. Some horrible graphics. I hate to be critical but image-driven slides should contain worthy images. I am looking at a rainbow of bad design.

Sigh. Focus on the content...I am trying. The intro is lasting way too long and there is no interaction. Instructionism....ugh. Actually I just raised my hand and asked a question. This is important to me: dialog.

Finally some good stuff. #9 rainbow slide. Coping!

cultural immersion
educated guesses

-- I like this. It implies coping is OKAY. I tell my students this too. They are perfectionists...they want to do things perfectly. Sorry guys...I would like to speak Spanish perfectly as well...and I have been doing it for 17 years. So...yeah.

Like Zach's learn-programming-in-ten-years spiel.

Create an artificial environment. Simulation.

The idea of being rooted is the value here.

Use your imaginatio and ake a real-life situation!

This session is improving. I am forgiving the rainbows.

Teach the course "on-location" for the whole year.

Real language
Unlimited cultural contexts
Visual, senses, creativity, imagination
UNifies all elements
teaches world skills

personal relaity show
all engaged
create own worlds
see language through their eyes
can't get voted off

Take a flight
Move into a hotel--wow she has some great props here
Find an apartment
Invent neighbors
Represent the city layout
Map drills

THis session gave me lots of good ideas.

Session BThis session is being presented by the ladies of the MDI ML dept.


Keep the activities REAL to the kids.

Easier to differentiate. YES.

ALlows for creativity.

Living curriculum that changes every year.

Want to focus more on concepts of reading, writing, speaking and listening. the graphic organizers...but don't see a big diff between a textbook with some of their stuff.

The growth portfolio concept is interesting. Not all pieces are asssessed. Have to do a common error sheet. Lots of self-reflection.

I like reflecting on errors.

Session C

Integrated Performance Assessment -- This is how I will "fix" the Spanish 2 midterm project.....

Scaffolding spoken language skills in reluctant speakers

Casco Bay High School uses an expeditionary model. Interdiscplinary model.

IPA is interpretive. Reading and or listening.

Pick a theme.
Find/create text to support that theme
Scaffold the text appropriately for your class
Have students work independently on the interpretive task

Interpersonal. Person to person, small group to small group.

Identify two characters/voices from the text or theme
Assign partner groups and a character voicer to each partner
Give 3-8 minutes (15-20) for students to prepare for their role (take notes, script)
Call time on character prep. Use what you've got!!
Practice multiple times...and switch roles

Presentational. Prepared and performed.

It is here that students make corrections to fluency and pronunciation and grammar.
Identify a final assessment task that pertais to the theme
De-construct the presentational rubric (see actfl) (have kids re-write in kid-friendly language)
Have students perform for the class and assess each other


How does it work? In presenter's opinion, so much scaffolding. Specific task, clear framework. bility to reference notes in preparation for speaking. Different levels of memorization required.


Great energy in this session. Presenter is young, digital native.

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Unknown said...

FLAME 2009,
Great to meet you!
It was funny to feel your visual frustration at the beginning. I am glad you enjoyed better the last session. IPA is very much structure and cohesive task and assessment for learning.
Negotiating meaning and intuition.



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