Friday, October 29, 2010

Educational Bloggers I read

I am going to start sharing the folks on my Google reader (use it if you don't already, saves a lot of clicktime and makes it much easier to see patterns in what you read--if you analyze mine you'd realize that I love technology, education, learning about Portguese and Swedish craft culture, farming, sewing, photojournalism, design, infographics, and a healthy dose of brain mush: basically fashion and gossip sites to help my brain dissolve at the end of a long day).

Here are my shared sites from my reader, sites I pick to share with anyone else who is in my field. Meaning, click in if you want lots of vibrant discourse on education today.

So, número uno is David Warlick.

Here is a pearl of wisdom he offers in his most recent post:

I can’t put my finger on any one statement or situation, but what came to mind several times is how much we, in K12 education, have lost our confidence. I remember, when I was teaching 25 to 35 years ago, a sense of educational entrepreneurship. I couldn’t have expressed it that way then, but I was free and felt encouraged to innovate in order to motivate learning — rather than applying teaching.

One of the professors said that when his daughter came home from her first day in sixth grade, she said that the principal had told the students that they will not be having fun. They will be learning. That is not innovation. It is blunt force education.

Not only have we lost our confidence, but our students are losing their childhood.

People wonder why I am in such a rush with change. Well, his last statement is why.

Next up: Scott McLeod. He really makes me smile with delight when he writes about education today.

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