Saturday, October 16, 2010

social media

At our opening workshop in August I really struggled with the idea that social media is not a part of an educational experience.  Today I found an article that shares 7 fantastic free social media tools for teachers.  At the end of the article are related links that make a case for social media.

I'm curious: what do you use for social media?  Do you have connections with students?

Personally the most "student connected" social media I use is Flickr.  There is a reason I keep a clean Flickr.  I keep all of my social networks clean but I am especially careful with this website, and when my students use Flickr, I have always modeled responsible networking.  I used to allow students to friend me on Google and use Google chat to talk to me, but that was before schools hosted educational networks like email.  I require my students to use email, and they receive grades for responding to short, simple e-mails in Spanish.  Talk about modeling...letter writing at its finest. to you use social media with students?  Is it educational?

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