Saturday, February 9, 2008

Planning a Presentation to Gauge Student Needs

Planning a Presentation to Gauge Student Needs--from the Intel Essentials CD

A multimedia presentation and discussion can be an effective tool to allow you to gauge student needs, check for understanding, conference with students on their progress, and make project expectations known. Consider ways you might use a multimedia presentation to assess your students’ prior knowledge of concepts:

How can your Essential and Unit Questions be used at the very beginning of your unit to help gather assessment information?

--basket of fruit

What ideas are you thinking about for introducing your Essential Question and Unit Questions to your students?

--doing a presentation with cooking...making juice, mango salsa, different foods from various Spanish-speaking countries and then asking the question

What kind of assessment information do you need to gather from your students? How will you gather it?

--have them do projects on where the food comes from

How can you use questioning in this presentation to help ensure your unit targets higher-order thinking skills?


How do you plan to promote 21st century skills in your unit?


Use the following planning area to help you think through the content of your presentation.

Introducing the Essential Question and Unit Questions

--Bring in basket of fruit. Name each of the fruits in Spanish. Guess where each fruit comes from. Assign fruit to each student to learn about.

Prior knowledge information needed

--Names of fruits in Spanish, names of Spanish speaking countries

Setting up higher-order thinking

--See Bloom's

Promoting 21st century skills

Click here for 21st century skills framework


Other discussion starters

--Health and nutrition, organic vs. conventional, cooperative vs. corporation, American interests on foreign soil, free trade agreement, marketing, shipping

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