Saturday, July 5, 2008

EDU 580 Assignment One

I am simultaneously enrolled in two courses this summer. EDU 580 is the technology module attached to EDU 581: History, Philosophy and Ethics in Education.

The first work for EDU 580 is to review some blogs and wikis (doing that), choose what platform to work with to document learning (done and done), read some hand-outs and identify three big ideas, and list 5-10 core beliefs that are part of my philosophy of education.

It's funny, with EDU 581's assignment to write ten pages, just making a list sees so easy. Here's what Icame up with, in a fairly short amount of time.

1. Audience is essential.
2. Creative acts are valued.
3. Revision is encouraged.
4. Document, document, document.
5. Many cultures, one love.
6. Good works.
7. Everyone assumes the role of facilitator.
8. Community and collaboration are essential.

I think now I have my core beliefs in place, beliefs I established through experience in the classroom. From here it should be easier to write the ten-pager.

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