Tuesday, July 15, 2008

platforms with Spanish language options


I hope to use these platforms to create social networks with and for my students. I'd like to collaborate with Holly's school in Santo Domingo, which is an English language private school. These are excellent tools for the modern language classroom because repeated, necessary commands are in L2. All of my students should have a technological vocabulary--like guardar, actualizar, and borrar. (Save, publish, erase). It's such a beautiful system, especially with the distance, collaborative component of making friends. That's all you have to do, make friends, and share some information, and make meaning.

On It's not all flowers and sausages, the teacher uses the term "friends" to work with her class. I love that.

I'd also like to set up Skype interviews, sort of a Heritage Speaker Series (like I did at Christian Fellowship, where diverse people lived in close proximity). Calandria's kids, Athena's kids, Carina's son, Janet's husband, who else do I know? The Venezuelans, of course, but who? I bet the Vargas cousins--Moravia, Antonio, Eleanor, Nelly! They are cool.

Now is the time to set it all up. Time to make some invitations.

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