Tuesday, October 7, 2008

music and the video projects--an update

So. It's no secret. Jumpcut has become a speed bump this past week. Several groups have shot their film yet the program to edit it is not working!

No fear. Plan B is always available.

Tomorrow: music for the freshmen. I want to make emotion-faces out of paper plates, too. For those who do not want to speak. I want to share the Afro-Cuban All Stars and some YouTube videos taken in Latin American sports stadiums. Drums!!

My Spanish 4's will install VideoSplit and VideoThang. Hopefully these programs will work better so we can all move forward with production.

My Spanish 2's and 3's will make promotional posters for their videos. In Spanish, the word for advertising is propaganda. Should be fun! Glogster ought to do the trick.

I hope to team teach again tomorrow...whilst WorldCultures watches Baraka.

Last resort for quarter one video projects are one-takes (high stakes, 90-second clips of continuous dialog) hosted to Flickr.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

good luck with plan B!
please let me know how VideoSplit and VideoThang work out!


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