Saturday, October 25, 2008


It's Saturday and I am in grad class. This is my reality. I work at school and I go to school. This leaves me precious little time for my own personal outlets such as painting, writing, photographing, gardening. However, the focus this year is on my own education and the education of my students. I am gladly trading the creative time for the educational time and I am working really hard to maximize creative time while working!

So for example, today I am learning the programming language LOGO, developed by Seymour Papert, and it is both logical and creative! I have wanted to learn how to program ever since I found out is was my only way to get into MIT (ok, if I don't get into MIT for a Ph.d., I'll be fine..I just like to know what the top of the heap expects). So today, I am in class, CREATING, PROGRAMMING, and learning.

I'm tired....grades are due next projects are coming in and there is some major troubleshooting to "fix" some issues....students are learning to communicate effectively.....I am learning to balance my time....

No whining here, just reality. I am happy professionally. I am going places with the work. My students AMAZE me daily, from the little sprouts of growth to the major gardens of growth. I am happy to use the metaphor of the garden in education. I know how to garden.

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