Thursday, October 9, 2008

What are mind tools? What do they do?

Facilitate student-centered, inquiry-based learning. That's what I do. And I use computers to do it. I use the tools available on the computers as cognitive tools to promote critical thinking.

Some of the tools we use in my class are Skype, Glogster, VideoThang, Wikispaces, Flickr, Facebook, Google products, and more.

We use computers to CREATE content. We use computers to plan, produce, present, and provide "pheedback". I got this idea from Marco Torres--he calls it "the 4 p's". He's amazing--check out his FlickSchool.

"Students learn from thinging in meaningful ways." I agree completely. That is why I got rid of the textbook because it does not promote critical thinking but rather recall. I teach from the you of Bloom's--CREATE is my power verb in teaching Spanish. All kids CREATE in Spanish.

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