Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Grad school notes

(Thanks, Dr. M)

Working on design principles for sharing research in a presentation. We will use Voicethread this semester--cool.

Goal 1 Clear and to the point

Principle 1: Relevance

Tip: you can use media here to set the stage.

Build around take away message then tell them what they need to know to understand the message.

Don't saturate with the data. Not all of my data on OERs will be relevant to my presentation.

Principle 2: Appropriate Knowledge

Make use of what the audience already knows.

Present ideas that grow out of familiar ideas (OER is foreign but educational websites are not).

Know the audience and address concerns and interests.

Activate schema--give context.

Goal 2 Direct and hold attention

Principle 3: Salience! Tell things at the relevant time.

Tease it out.

Tip: you can use color in text. It also helps to organize.

Principle 4: Discriminability

Two properties must differ by a large enough proportion.

Basic design here.....headings etc.

Principle 5: Perceptual Organization

Viewers will consider together materials that are organized into a single group.

Goal 3: Promote Understanding and Memory

Take advantage of how mental processes help

Principle 6: Compatibility

Form compatible with meaning.

Principle 7: Informative changes

Every change in meaning should be conveyed by a change in appearance.

A change in appearance usually triggers an expectation that the information set will change.

Principle 8: Capacity Limitations

We have a limited capacity to retain and process.

Don't make it harder than it is.

(I think I will enjoy designing my presentation....)

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