Wednesday, September 15, 2010

week three/semana tres

Week three, sickness hits.
My classroom is a ripple
that turns into a wave.
No one feels quite right today.
Even the Internet feels broken.
We shrug and sigh through the last period.
Finally someone
has the bright idea
to haul out the bean bags
and have me read them a story
"just like in kindergarten!"

The words are in Spanish,
the pictures, familiar--
it's a monkey! and
a man in a yellow hat.

They listen, rapt--
shining faces, smiles
emerging from shadows.

If only every day
could be like kindergarten.
We could rest, we could play,
we could read, we could run--
what am I thinking?

I hated teaching kindergarten!
They were messy!
They were loud!
They cried!
They had to use the bathroom
when I was in the middle
of Very Important Lessons!!

But yet--
the tranquility of
ears listening, eyes watching,
brains working out words--
I love this part.

So. No real answers.
Just happy the day ended
on a Curious George note.

1 comment:

The Buck Shoots Here said...

Right there with you, friend. I read to mine to end the day, too, although we were more like 3rd grade than K...


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