Monday, September 27, 2010

This blog is blocked

My lovely portal of digital knowledge is partially blocked at school. Blogger is blocked, but since I have my own domain (thanks, bro), I only lose tiny relevant bits here and there. It's driving me a little nuts. The Dipity slideshow I posted below for my threes is blocked since it uses Flickr. Not all blocked, just a few relevant bits. Thank goodness Google is not blocked. You're welcome, trees!

So I've asked for a bypass for my students to use. I've asked very nicely. I hope to hear soon about it. These kids, are, after all, growing up. They are growing up fast, too fast for our rate of decision making. A generation of students, wondering why on earth we don't open it up, make transparent choices, choose to be learners in this century. Choose to be networked. These are the kids whose co-workers will ask, What do you mean, you don't know how to do that? We rant and rave within these four walls, when the whole world is out there. It's out there.

Sometimes I want to shout: If you think what is happening is what this room full of teenagers thinks is happening, well, you're wrong. There is a whole world out there, and my job is to show it to these teenagers, model how to get along in the world with all these tools, construct knowledge about it with them, discover the world.

A student today came to me and said, "I talked to Luis today." Luis lives in DR. He is an expert in his field, an athlete of old. "He told me to get ready for snowshoe season!" Her eyes sparkled like the sun. Her world has shifted because, quite simply, technology has allowed it to. My whole heart fills with joy that this is something I have shared, modeled, and helped her discover.

Rant over, issue not. I will keep the faith here--that in the end, teaching and learning will be supported, and we can carry on the business of educating our future caretakers and decision-makers.


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