Sunday, March 27, 2011


I recently re-discovered I belonged to a community called Edmodo.  This re-connect occurred due to my OER work.  Through the state people in charge of my OER work, I was able to conference call with a great gal at Edmodo, Michelle Best, who explained how it works and where OER might fit in to the program.

What has hit me in the past few days is that Edmodo is designed to curate.  You are essentially a gatherer of your own materials mined from the web to teach a lesson.  You can also attach files from your desktop.  You can arrange these items for your classes.  You can share them easily with your peers.  You can tag them.  You can find them easily.

Why is this an a-ha for me?  Basically, my desk at this time of year is over-run with paper.  Paper is everywhere in my room.  It's getting way too cluttered.

Edmodo is my cloud.  I'm going to work my way through my courses, and Edmodo them up.  So I don't need all this paper everywhere. And if my computer crashes, I will still have my site there.

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