Wednesday, March 2, 2011

¡Zambombazo! and other things of note

If you found yourself here via Zambombazo, welcome!  I recommend the Zambombazo site to learn Spanish in a culturally relevant and FUN way!  It's designed so you can pick and choose activities that get you to use your skills and stretch your mind.  Creators Zachary and Betsy Jones have seen amazing growth in numbers of visitors.  In my opinion this is due in large part to the high quality activities that are offered.  (Although my French colleague misses the French version dearly).

Friday the OER team will present at FLAME in Portland, Maine.  Hope to see you there. Our session has "Wishlist"in the title.  Of course that "Wishlist" is the Master List of OERs for World Languages.

More to come in April when Phase 2 wraps up.

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Anonymous said...

Would LOVE a French website like this one!!!!


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