Monday, March 14, 2011

How to use Garageband to assess speaking in World Languages

Here's something that has been working lately.  I have used it with different grammatical structures levels 2-3-4.  It's been taking a good 45 minutes per class.

The question is about music.  What's your most favorite song?  Who sings it?  What's the genre? Why do you like it?

There are no wrong answers.  We listen to the music.  Everyone has to share 5-10 seconds.  We ask the questions to each other and listen. 

Using Garageband, I then direct the kids to record themselves speaking.  You have to break the kids up into pairs.  I have a good building for recording, it's very quiet.

The script is there already, as is the soundtrack.  So, recording is easy, and then have the project sent as an attachment in email for grading.

The richest learning seems to be when we are listening to the music. 

I grade the recording on accuracy and fluency.  It's a skill sharpener.  Short, sweet, and effective. 

I use Garageband to assess speaking quite frequently.  I think I will play the convos for the kids tomorrow and do dictation. (Evil cackle). 

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