Monday, November 16, 2009


Two days worth of conferences. I did student-led for freshmen.

Of 24 slots, 20 were filled with parents and kids.

It made for two busy nights. For the record? Monday night conferences?

Not great timing for teachers. We work late on a Monday and people assume we have the whole week to recover. Suuure.

* *

My favorite moment of the night: "I notice you seem apprehensive about speaking in class."

"I'm afraid I will say something stupid."

A huge smile from me: "Oh honey, everyone is going to sound stupid at first."

and then

"I once told people I was pregnant when I was fifteen. They took one look and said, no you're not."

and then

"I will laugh with you, not at you."

and finally

"Language is fun!"

.....lucky for me, they were overtired enough to laugh and smile and go along for the ride.

I really like student-led conferences.

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