Thursday, September 16, 2010

hear ye, hear ye

Lately my finger has been pointed outward and the nature of things inevitably causes a few fingers to point back at me.

One of my flaws as a Spanish teacher is that I don't speak enough Spanish.

Last night decided that one week a month will be an all Spanish week. One week a month! In a school year that's nine weeks, which equals one whole quarter. That feels better to me. Dedicated time that adds up to something.

Reflections. I am not sure why this period of my life is full of so much inward reflection and outward motion. Maybe it is because I am nearly done with my advanced studies. And part of me wonders if I am ready to graduate? That is silly, right? Thousands of people earn degrees all the time. It's more than a piece of paper...right?



The Buck Shoots Here said...


You are ready. More than ready. I am sure of it.

Katie said...

It's s a pay raise too. :)


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